Environmental policy

DPD Furniture strives to reduce the potentially harmful effects that its operations could have on the local and global environment and is committed to reducing them.

We are mindful of our impact on the environment and set targets for ongoing improvement. We encourage the adoption of similar principles by our suppliers.

Raw materials

We ensure that all timber used in our in-house manufacturing processes, is sourced from sustainable and managed sources. Certification of compliance is available on request.

Fabric quantities used are carefully calculated to minimise excess. To prevent unnecessary wastage, where surplus does exist it is recorded for re-use as an upholstery fabric or as a lining cloth.

Waste Reduction and Disposal

Through efficient management, all material wastage is kept to a minimum. With detailed consideration at the planning stage, material requirements are strictly controlled and opportunities for the recycling of any wastage generated are actioned.

The effective recycling of wastage in this manner, along with the recycling of all paper and cardboard waste, has virtually removed our need to resort to landfill.

VOC Emission Control

Regular and strict monitoring of emissions ensures that we maintain levels of control. Our continued utilisation of a regularly reviewed Environmental Management System ensures best practices are maintained, to help minimise the environmental impact of our VOC usage.

The introduction of water-based stains and glues.

We continue to work with our finishing and glue suppliers, to further achieve reductions in VOC content.


Suppliers packaging is re-used wherever possible. Overseas suppliers often use cardboard boxes, and these are re-used as packaging where required for shipping purposes, or otherwise sent to a licensed local recycling plant.Our goods are packaged for transit with a combination of plastic wraps and blankets. These ensure sufficient protection and are entirely recyclable.


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